1968/1969, Issue 3 – Britain and the Developing World


Hard copy available at the National Library of Wales / Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru

Lest We Forget
David Kett

The Rich Get Richer
Barbara Ward

The World Bank Gives a Lead
Robert S. McNamara

Poverty is Violence
The Haslemere Group

No Simple Solutions
Ken Richards

Modernising Man
Hugh Elliott

Britain’s Contribution

The Advantages of Multi-lateral Aid
U Thant

Challenge for Britain
Overseas Development Institute (ODI)

Motherhood, Apple-Pie … and Aid

Facts, Facts, Facts, Facts

Private Investment in Developing Countries

Development Project
Professor Ivor Gowan, Aberystwyth University

Universities Fight for Economic Development
Clive Jordan

Don’t Just Sit There
David Taylor

The Christian Commitment
Barbara Ward

Who’s Who in Voluntary Aid

Letters to the Editor