1970/1971, Issue 1 – The United Nations


Hard copies available at the National Library of Wales / Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru and the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford

How Many Cheers (After 25 Years) For the United Nations?
Cecil R. Evans

The Security Council – Instrument for Peace
Lord Caradon

Initiatives by the Secretary-General
Professor H. G. Nicholas, University of Oxford

The Effectiveness of the United Nations as an International Organisation
Lord Chalfont

Party Leaders and the U.N.
Janine de Brule

Jiri F. Vranek, United Nations

Soviet Participation in the Work of the United Nations
Georgi Kalinkin, Novosti Press Agency

Robert S. McNamara

How to Develop Development
Alec Bray

There is Still Time to Save Each Other
Peter Witham

Dulles and Arab Neutralism
Donald E. Secrest, University of Oklahoma

Literature Reviews

‘United Nations: Economic Institution’ by Hamish Richards
R.E. Poulton

‘British Development Policies – Needs and Prospects 1970’ by Ed Andrzej Krassowski
Peter Clayton

The United Nations: Details
U.N. Office of Public Information