1996, Winter (No. 49)

Hard copies available at the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford


North America

A Victory For The Centre?
John Heathershaw


To be or not to be? The OSCE in the ‘New Europe
Leah Pybus

What future for a polarised Europe?
Andrew Jones

United Kingdom

Re-stating the Case for Monarchy
Robin Burls

Change within the Conservative and Labour Parties
Chloe Campen

International Organisations

The United Nations at 50 – Dead or Alive
Malcolm Harper


Maternal Love is a cause of peace?
Sadao Takizawa.

Strategy and Intelligence

The Necessity and Caution for Theatre Missile Defence
Ben Sheppard

Western Intelligence – Nothing more than a Cold War Relic?
John Devlin

The Department’s Diary, Crisis Games and Student Exchange

The Diary
Jenny Mathers

Crisis Games: South East Asia (8 – 10 May)
Paul Williams and Hilary Bradshaw 

Student Exchange: So, why would anyone study in Poland?
Sara Evans, Rosalind Roberts and Lorna Whitaker