1997, Spring (No. 50)

Hard copies available at the National Library of Australia and the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford


Interstate’s 50th Issue

A Retrospective of Interstate – Journal of International Affairs
Catherine Lillington


Workshop: Understanding Security and Development in Africa (8 March 1997)
Will Thomas

International NGOs and the ‘New Humanitarian Agenda’
Babu Rahman

The Western Media and Africa: Issues of Information and Images
Ama Biney

Where a Loan is better than a Gift
Glen Saunders


A Question of Identity
Edward Beavington

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Revisited
Kerry-Anne Clancy


Should politicians be legally accountable for their election promises?
Brendan Norris

War, Strategy and Intelligence

James Ritchie

Covert Propaganda in the Cold War
James Ritchie

Securing the Skies: Threats to Civil Aviation from International Terrorism
Paul Williams

Nuclear Weapons Proliferation and the Efficacy of Deterrence
Luke Wilcock

Light Sabres in Space: Soviet views on SDI
John Devlin


Deng Xiaoping and the Future
John Heathershaw

The Department’s Diary and Crisis Games

The Diary
Jenny Mathers

Crisis Games: Asia (February 1997)
Nick Lane, John Heathershaw, Rosalind Roberts, Catherine Lillington and Owain Gower