Workshop: Understanding Security and Development in Africa (8 March 1997)

Will Thomas

Originally published in 1996/1997, Issue 2

The University of Wales Aberystwyth held this workshop conference on the 8th March 1997. The conference was co-arranged by the ‘African and Caribbean Society’ and the ‘Aberystwyth Forum on Humanitarian Affairs.’

From a personal perspective the conference was enlightening. Having little prior knowledge, and I am ashamed to say little prior interest, in the ‘Third World’, the conference opened my eyes to some of the issues of the third world and the cultural and historical issues which we so often ignore.

In this edition of Interstate we bring you two papers that were presented at the conference, and an article by Glen Saunders of Triodos Bank, which considers the benefits of micro-credit. The conference papers deal with the western media in Africa, and the role of International Non-Governmental Organisations in development and aid provision.