2005, Autumn / Winter – 40th Anniversary Issue


The Globalisation of Private Security
Dr Rita Abrahamsen

Accountability of Non-State Force
Matthew Armstrong

How are the mercenaries faring in Iraq?
Kieran Mathers

African civilians’ stakes in UN Reform
Linnea Bergstrom

Human Emancipation and World Politics
Vorapun Srivoranart and Ching-Chang Chen

Taming Sekmet
Leonardo Soares Nader

The legacies of superpower status: Russia in the post-Cold War world
Dr Jenny Mathers

Russia: EU, NATIO and the OSCE
Natalia Szablewska

Blair and the Bomb
Dr Len Scott

Remembering the Manifesto
David McElhill

Open Category – The Lessons of World War One Airpower
Chris Adams

Interview with Sir Michael Quinlan, and review of his paper given to Aberystwyth University in October 2005.

Literature Reviews

Making Sense of Suicide Missions by Diego Gambetta
Tim Faulkner

Slim, Master of War by Robert Lyman
Andrew Jelinek

You Are Here by Rory Bremner, John Fortune and John Bird
Tim Faulkner

You, The People – The United Nations, Transitional Administration and State Building by Simon Chesterman
Marijan Hubbery

International Security: An Analytical Survey by Michael Sheehan
Alexander Van der Biest